Archaeological sites|Sites archéologiques|.

Standing stones

Standing stones can be found all over Brittany!Standing stones close to our gite

The nearest sites are in Pleslin where you will find 4000 year old standing stones, the 3rd biggest site in Brittany. There are 5 alignments, 65 stones all together. The site is a Historical Monument. To visit the site, park your car near the church and follow the signs for “Le Champ des Roches”.

More standing stones can be found in Guitté. “Menhirs de la Pierre Longue” and “Alignement de Lampouy” (Neolitic ‘Long stonStanding stone near our gitee’ and Megalithic stone alignments). If you are visiting the area with children, there is a great play area (aire de loisirs de la Noe Moy) with a pond and several picnic areas. Children will be able to burn off energy!

An amazing 10 m tall standing stone can be found just outside of Dol-de-Bretagne. The ‘Menhir du Champ Dolent’. I bet it’s the tallest standing stone you’ve ever seen! It is listed as Historical Monument.

Le Quiou excavations

The site of Le Quiou was found thanks to an aerial photo taken in 1989. Since then, archeologists have been working on site each year the whole month of August.

Slowly they are discovering remains of Gallo-Roman villas: baths, living quarters, vases, etc.

The villa there is one of the most ancient, the foundations dating from the first century AD. Le Quiou Gallo-Roman remains

Visits are organised in the summer by the association “Les Pierres Vives”. You can also visit the site unaccompanied. Signs in English provide you with information.

Gallo-Roman remains in Corseul

Corseul Gallo-Roman siteIn the centre of Corseul, you will find Gallo-Roman remains from buildings  dating from II and III AD.

Several signs in English explain what was there (basilica, shops, warehouses, etc), the layout of the site and the use of each building.

Just a short drive away, direction Dinan, you will find the Temple of Mars (Temple de Mars). Temple of Mars in Brittany

All those places are free to visit and have a free car park.